Viagra online is the best choice for improving erections. Viagra was considered and is considered one of the best drugs on the market. Undoubtedly, there are other drugs that replace Viagra, but they are not so effective. 

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All you need to know about Viagra.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a unique drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Typically, these disorders occur at the age of forty. But often the problems worry young men. Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection and keep it with sexual arousal.

You will not have an erection if you just uses this medication. Viagra will help a man with erectile dysfunction reach an erection only if he is sexually aroused.

Viagra for Men

Viagra for men

The drug is needed in order to increase blood pressure and simultaneously relax the blood vessels in the penis. Thus, blood enters the penis more easily and the man experiences sexual arousal.

Viagra for Women

Unlike the male variant, the female Viagra does not increase the local blood pressure, it acts directly on the brain, increasing the level of dopamine. The drug activates sensitivity. Sensitivity leads to a more vivid orgasm. Women’s reviews describe the novelty of sensations, the appearance of an irresistible desire for sex.

How does Viagra work?

Viagra is a substance of sildenafil, an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase. This means that we have an enzyme phosphodiesterase in the body that affects the blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis and in the vessels. If this enzyme is blocked, do not let it act, then this very blood flow will increase.

So it works sildenafil relaxes smooth muscles, blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to the penis. And this already helps to maintain it in an erect condition. “Viagra does not cure the cause of dysfunction, it simply eliminates the consequences”

Types of Viagra

Viagra in capsules
This type of drug in its effect almost does not differ from the classical Viagra. Capsulated Viagra should be used twenty minutes before the sexual intercourse. In addition, eating does not affect the result, but with alcohol you will have to abstain.

Viagra Gel
Unlike other types of Viagra that exist on the market, Viagra gel is suitable for those people who like to drink, which means that this drug is compatible with alcohol. This gel is very convenient form for admission, men who have tried this drug, choose it not because the tablets are worse, but because the gel has many more benefits. Gel starts to act much faster because it gets into the blood faster than classical tablets or capsules. Therefore, you can feel the action of the gel within 10 – 15 minutes after taking.

To take this remedy, you need to tear up the soft gel pack, squeeze the contents into your mouth and hold the drug in your mouth until it dissolves completely. After that, Viagra should be swallowed.

Viagra Soft
Viagra soft is a drug of high quality and rapid action, designed to enhance erection in men of all ages. Unlike regular tablets, capsules or gel, these tablets dissolve under the tongue.

This drug can be combined with fatty foods and alcohol. Viagra Soft starts to act faster than regular tablets of Viagra. Another plus of Viagra soft is that in this drug there is no habitual aftertaste of medicines. Soft tablets have a light, pleasant taste, which simplifies their reception.

Viagra and Alcohol

viagra and Alcohol​

The main question most men are – Is Viagra combined with an alcohol? We will answer this question to you.

The interaction of Viagra with alcohol has been studied for a long time. Scientists managed to find out that the active component of the drug Viagra – sildenafil does not enter into a chemical reaction with ethyl alcohol. However, ethanol reduces sildenafil suction in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the time of action of Viagra may increase.

It is also worth considering that Alcohol and Viagra significantly increase the load on the liver and heart. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Viagra with alcohol. But there is also good news not so long ago in the market there was an updated Viagra which is well combined with alcohol.

Viagra instructions.

How to use Viagra?

Viagra should be taken only as directed by a doctor. To prevent the occurrence of side effects, you must first take tests and undergo a physical examination. Only the doctor will be able to accurately determine the dosage and explain how to use Viagra, taking into account the characteristics of your body. In our pharmacy you can buy Viagra without a prescription. This is done solely for the convenience of site visitors and customers. But we hope that before you make a purchase you will visit the doctor’s office.

When should I take Viagra? To achieve an erection, a man should be sexually stimulated. Swallowing a pill, try to adjust yourself to sex. Active substance Sildenafil begins to act immediately after entering the blood. Take the pill an hour before the sexual act or even earlier.

Viagra dosage

The doctor may advise you to use Viagra in a dose of 25, 50 or 100 mg. The initial dose is 50 mg. Clinical studies have shown that this amount of active substance is sufficient for most men. But in reality the most popular are 100 mg tablets. Their price is almost the same as that of the drug with a dosage of 50 mg.

The maximum daily dose is 100 mg. During the studies, the volunteers were given an active ingredient in an amount of up to 800 mg. This did not lead to toxic effects. But the number and strength of side effects increased dramatically. Therefore, more than 100 mg of active ingredient per day can not be taken. Moreover, you can take Viagra only once in 24 hours regardless of dosage.

Side effects

Among the side effects after taking Viagra are:

  • headache
  • nasal congestion
  • face redness
  • change in vision
  • breathing disorders
  • noise in ears
  • uneven heartbeat

Viagra overdose

A severe overdose of Viagra is accompanied by vivid symptoms in the form of hallucinations, uncontrolled laughter without cause, dizziness, panic attacks and a very long and painful erection. The drug affects the cardiovascular system, so there may be convulsions, lowering of pressure, tachycardia, heart attack and death.